Thursday, May 17, 2012

The tips in choosing fly rod

You need to be careful in choosing fly rod, if you already have a hobby of fishing. Consider the intended use and quality, whether it's for race, recreation, or other. The first tips is if the goal for the race should use rod bending at the ends only, because time is shortened to attract fish compared with the flexible rod in the middle. The model rod for race should be selected without a connection that is made up of one piece with a long rod is generally not more than 2 meters. You can also use not only one connection (2 pieces) that can be released into two parts with approximately of rod length is about 1.2 meters - 3 meters. It's just special to race, length of rod should ideally range from 168-180 cm, a longer rod can cast bait fishing is a more distant, but adapted to the vast pool so it does not require a lot of missiles such as the sea. If you are fishing just for recreational, you should be used a flexible rod to the center, which will make the pursuit of fish anglers enjoy a longer, although that might just grabbed the fish are small fish. Sometimes anglers had a broken the rod while fishing. There are things that make fishing rods broken in the pool or at sea, most often because the anglers pull rod using the wrist or elbow swing. Rotation angle exceeds 90 degrees. This is what makes rod broke directly. Its better if attract the rod using swing arm, coupled with the wrist moving backwards. This has made a hook fishing hook in the fish's mouth without too much burden the rod. You should choose the gear not only based on the objectives, but also based on the fishing techniques used. If you use the fly fishing technique, you should use a fly rods are specifically used for fly fishing techniques. You can buy fly rods with well-known brands such as winston fly rods or redington fly rods by online through

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